5 Advantages of Using A Matrimonial Website

While there is many a matrimonial website in India, not everyone is comfortable with using them to find their partner. People still stick to rather conventional ways such as arranged marriages. However, using a progressive matrimonial website such as Shehnayi matrimonial can not only help you find the perfect partner for your married life, but also help you establish a safe and secure connection while doing so. Our services are highly personalized to ensure that the right matchmaking services are put in place for our clients.

There are also a plethora of advantages of using a matrimonial website to search your life partner in India. Here are 5 of them that should convince you enough to open up an account on Shehnayi matrimonial.

First Contact is not in Person

We understand that the first time two people are planning to meet via a matrimonial website; things can get a bit awkward. Hence, we have chosen to establish processes such as text messaging facilities within the app to ensure that the first contact between you and your probable partner is not in person. This also allows you to get a better idea of the person and their choices before you actually take the step of meeting them, and thereby results in more successful marriages. Allowing the first contact to not be in person has always produced better results for us, however if you choose to omit it you always have the option to as long as the other obliges.

We do not Employ Robots

When you use Shehnayi Matrimonial to find a groom for marriage or find a bride for marriage, we do not leave it up to automated services to find you your partner. We understand how important a step-in life marriage is and thus we do not treat our matchmaking services like some of the dating apps out there. We hire experts who look into each search criteria and thereby find you a list of matches which are the ones you are most likely to be interested in. This helps save you time so that you don’t have to endlessly scroll through search results to find a candidate you are interested in.

Security is our Priority

When you place a groom search for marriage in India through a matrimonial website there are certain personal details that you have to enter into your profile. The reason most women tend to avoid this is because they believe their information will be misused by third parties for their own ends. If you are using or the Shehnayi app for such purposes, you can rest assured since we make sure that all the data you enter is protected using some of the latest technology and thus can never be availed by a third party. Additionally, we of course promise to never disclose your information to any third parties.

International Reach

Although is considered to be one of the best matrimonial sites in India, we also provide our services for NRI citizens all over the world with certain focus on countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore. So, if you are a NRI citizen looking to place a groom or bride search for marriage in India, we have a deep connection with the NRI communities in various countries and we can ensure that you will find the right partner through our channels.

Best of Both Worlds

What most people don’t realize is that using a matrimonial website can mean that you get the best of both worlds i.e. arranged and love marriage. While you are necessarily setting up an arranged marriage, you get to do it in a much more secure fashion and with a lot more choices then the traditional ways. And since you have the option of engaging with your partner before taking any steps, you get to give yourself the chance of falling in love as well. Falling in love through a secure channel where both parties are serious about their future together, that is what Shehnayi matrimonial can promise you.

So, are you ready to search your life partner in India through our matrimonial channel? Surely these points have sufficiently convinced you by now that our portal is safe and secure as they come. We also ensure that we provide personalized services for all our clients, simply because the step you are about to take is a very personal one, and we not only understand it but also deeply respect it.

Log onto or download the Shehnayi app today to find the perfect life partner you have always been looking for.

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