5 Most Important People Who Can Make or Break your Wedding Day

There are very few days in one’s life as auspicious as their wedding. It is a celebration of coming together, of a new start, and a social gathering to bless a new found family with happiness. And to the bride and the groom who are being married, this day will symbolize their love-life through years to come and will be etched in their memory like their love itself.

This is why one must take maximum amount of care to ensure that this day is not ruined by forces which could have been easily averted by a few prior conversations. What this article aims to do is create a list of characters who can tentatively do something to taint your special day out of either spite, hate, or simply bad human character.

We will also be providing tips on how to avoid these situations so as to help you keep your wedding safe even further.

The In-laws
We all know how this one works. In-laws have a sense of demand from either side of the partner and they keep flaunting this demand ever too often until the point where it is obnoxiously irritating. However, when they do this on the wedding day, it is not too un-natural to lose one’s calm regarding things.

How to avoid it: both sides of the marriage needs to talk to their respective parents about things they can and cannot say on the day of the wedding. This means a thorough conversation as adults with your parents about the aspects of their ideologies they need to keep in check keeping in mind that you too are now responsible adults.

There are two kinds of siblings, the kind that ensures that every last thing in their brothers’ or sisters’ wedding is perfect, and the other which constantly tantalizes the sibling and the fiancé. Either of these qualities in excess can prove to be a problem. No marriage can be perfect and if someone tries to ensure that it be so, the result will be them not being able to enjoy the marriage at all. And a sibling who is not serious about their brothers’ or sisters’ marriage at all is not exactly wanted.

How to deal with it: give them a list of tasks for the day which they will have to take care of. Make sure the tasks sound more important than they are and give them a sense of responsibility as well. This will ensure that they have free time enough to enjoy the wedding as well as be an important part of the process.

Weddings are fun social gatherings, but they also have a religious aspect to them. It is but common to have a few funny loose comments thrown around at such a gathering. But if the priest is someone who takes the religious side of the wedding too seriously then the guests might feel like the party factor of the wedding is list.

How to avoid it: select a priest who has performed at someone’s wedding that you know was fun filled and casual in nature.

The Caterer
Do you know what is spoken about the most in a big fat Indian wedding? It’s the food. Any Indian celebration is a lavish celebration of food, and this is something you absolutely have to ensure is dealt with 100%. If the food is bad that is what your wedding will be remembered by, and if it tastes up to satisfaction you will ensure that your guests leave for home happy.

How to do it: find a trustworthy caterer. Try different menus. The more dishes the merrier. Concentrate on the dessert; this is where you can show creativity. But don’t make it an over the top show off menu.

Yes, it is not too hard to get over stressed and not be able to enjoy your own wedding. And this is more important than one can think. Weddings are things that don’t come by too often and to not enjoy one’s own wedding is but a foolish thing to do. Always ensure that both of you divide the wedding tasks equally so that both can have free time to relax and remember that nothing can be 100% perfect.

How to do it: list up your order of the day and follow it meticulously. If any problem arises, discuss with your partner and deal with it in a way you both agree upon. This will ensure that no disagreements occur on the day of the marriage.

It is but obvious for a small tiny factor to ruin the biggest day of your life. Keep to these tips while planning your wedding and you and your close ones should have a gala time.