FAQ page

1. How does Shehnayi.com work? 
We are one of the prime service providers for matrimonial matchmaking in India. Our site can initiate the starting point of a beautiful relationship between two people and two families too. We have a team of passionate individuals, who are committed and consider ‘Shadi Aapki, Zimmedaari Hamari!

2. How to Register?
Fill out the required details on home page and click on Register Now and give us chance to help you find your soulmate.

3. How to chat with other people?
Please upgrade your membership to paid to be able to chat with your potential partner.

4. How to change password?  
Goto-> Your name in upper right corner -> Click on down arrow -> Change password.

5. How to renew the membership? 
Goto -> Your name in upper right corner -> Click on down arrow -> Upgrade membership.

6. Why I can't chat with more than three people at a time?
This facility is provided to you so that you can take better and timely decision. In this option, if you want to chat with fourth person, you will have to stop the chat with at-least one person, so that they can also know that for some reason it is not working out between two of you and they can move ahead with your search. Moreover, you can always come and chat in later point of time if you want to(only 3 at a time).

7. Why is there need to upload Government Identity proof?
We are here to help you meet your life partner and to verify their identity via ID proof is one important step towards authentic people and profiles. We believe that this method of verification will prevent fake users from continuing with using our website.